We Will Rock You Musical Tickets

We Will Rock You is a musical based on the songs of the 1970s rock band Queen. When you purchase We Will Rock You tickets, you are taking a journey with one of the greatest musical groups of all time.

The show is set 300 years in the future within a dystopian society existing in a barren cultural landscape. Ben Elton, the creative mind behind We Will Rock You, establishes the premise of the plot from the beginning. After decades of suppressing individuality, obsessing over digital communication and reveling in unbridled consumerism, humanity is now under the control of an Orwellian corporate government that produces society's music and entertainment.

Brian Justin Crum plays the protagonist, day-dreaming Galileo Figaro, who uses an antique FM radio to pick up music from rock and roll's ancient past. He meets the misanthropic Scaramouche, played by Ruby Lewis, who joins him in his crusade against the vile corporation, GlobalSoft, and its CEO, the cross-dressing Killer Queen played by Jacqueline Arnold.

Crum and the rest of the cast perform classic Queen hits that are adapted for the stage, like "We Will Rock You," "Under Pressure," and "Fat Bottomed Girls." And their rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody," led by Rick Hip-Flores, is worthy of a standing ovation. Don't miss your chance to experience We Will Rock You LIVE! Buy your We Will Rock You tickets now!

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