Snow Patrol Concert Tickets

Coming from the shores of Northern Ireland, Snow Patrol has become a music force inside the United States. With a sound that combines indie rock and pop standards, fans have been lining up to purchase Snow Patrol tickets for more than a decade.

Though Snow Patrol wasn't known to many in the U.S. before the middle of the 2000s, they had been a hit overseas for years before that. The band was formed in 1994 by lead singer Gary Lightbody and two of his college classmates. They released two albums, one in 1998 and one in 2001, both of which were popular within the UK. However, it would not be long before the rest of the world knew about them. The band’s 2003 release Final Straw brought them to international stages where they supported acts like U2, Pixies and Athlete.

Eyes Open, Snow Patrol’s 2006 release, pushed them further onto the international stage. The record was a hit in both the UK and the U.S. and included a string of popular singles, most notably "Chasing Cars," which was a top 10 hit on both sides of the Atlantic. By the time their 2012 album Fallen Empires rolled out of the studio, they had bands like Florence and the Machine opening for them. Audiences on both sides of the pond proclaim that Snow Patrol “makes my life complete” and that the band puts on the “best show ever!” Don’t pass up your chance to experience this UK darling while they are still on the rise; purchase your Snow Patrol concert tickets today!

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