Jungle Concert Tickets

Jungle is an elusive duo based in London, England, known for songs like “The Heat,” “Busy Earnin’,” “Platoon” and “Lucky I Got What I Want.” The group’s mesmerizing sound combines urban vibes and tribal music. Accompanying Jungle’s music are equally spellbinding music videos that feature superb choreography. Purchase your Jungle tickets today and enjoy a night with some of the most innovative artists to come out of the U.K.

Inner-city cliques around the world will appreciate the soulful sounds produced by Jungle. The group’s debut double-A side Platoon/Drops features traditional tribal beats that are enhanced by post-punk production. Jungle’s music is minimalist at its core, but still delivers a rich tapestry of strings and vocals that make the listener nostalgic for the early 1970s funk era.

Jungle went from relatively unknown artists to viral YouTube superstars with the 2013 music video “Platoon” featuring B-Girl Terra. The young break dancing phenom showed off her skills for the duration of the song, starting off slow with fancy footwork and beginner break dancing moves like handstand kicks and poses. B-Girl Terra turns up the heat as the beat gets faster, donning elbow pads and a knitted hat before she does amazing combinations of flares, head spins and windmills to the rest of the Jungle track.

There are currently no events for Jungle.