Flying Lotus Concert Tickets

Flying Lotus is a unique sound magician that blends eclectic urban style with futuristic tones and beats. Progressive in every way, Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, takes hip hop and funk on a sci-fi adventure, introducing new perspectives into the scene by creating landscapes of samples, instruments, and vocals that defy labeling. Gongs, claps, wood blocks, snares and cymbals find their way into his productions without crowding the sound. Don't miss out on his captivating LIVE performance; get your Flying Lotus tickets today!

The man known as the mad scientist develops a particular type of mood in his music by adding texture to his art form through the juxtaposition of harmonizing synthesizers and staccato, often erratic, timing. His style is reminiscent of the early 1990s genres of trip-hop and intelligent dance music, which have been known to put the casual listener into a pleasant, head-bopping trance. At times both mesmerizing and undeniably stimulating, Flying Lotus has worked with artists such as Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke and engages you in an ethereal, almost mystical, earthy experience. By using vocal artists that lend an incorporeal, ego-less, even ghostly vibe to his music, Flying Lotus actively engages the imagination and souls of his captive audience.

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There are currently no events for Flying Lotus.