Air Supply Concert Tickets

When it comes to soft rock, few names stand out more than Air Supply. The British-Australian duo has been among the most recognizable acts in the genre for decades and their iconic style has led to Air Supply tickets being in high demand.

Air Supply can trace its roots back to the mid-1970s, when Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell first became acquainted with one another. It wasn't long before the duo reached out to several other musicians and began recording music. When their self-titled debut hit shelves in 1976, it was an immediate hit and helped set the band down the path to stardom.

Over the next several decades the band saw a number of lineup changes, but Hitchcock and Russell remained the two constants that pushed the band forward. Then, in 1993, the band's album The Vanishing Race reached critical acclaim outside of the U.S., leading to a tour in Asia and eventually another world tour which included Earth Wind & Fire guitarist Dick Smith.

They led the way in soft rock with classic albums such as Life Support, Lost in Love and Now and Forever. Their production has not waned, and 2010's Mumbo Jump re-established Air Supply as a soft rock staple.

Though they have been around for nearly 40 years, Air Supply still retains a fiercely loyal fan base that will pick up tickets at moment's notice. Don't miss your chance to see the iconic rockers hit the stage! Buy your Air Supply tickets now!

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